ASM AMICRA Unveils Industry’s First Manufacturing Systems Incorporating X-Celeprint’s MTP Technology for High Volume Heterogeneous Integration Of Ultra-thin Chips

经过验证的MTP技术,可以实现大规模平行的超薄芯片阵列,为3D IC带来新的异构集成功能

NOVA+ MTP Manufacturing System

REGENSBURG, GERMANY; CORK, IRELAND and RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC (April 26, 2021)-ASM AmiCra MicroTechnologies GmbH(“ASM AMICRA”), a subsidiary ofASM Pacific Technology Limited, announced three new manufacturing systems that combine X-Celeprint’s Micro-Transfer Printing (MTP) and ASM AMICRA’s high precision die bonding technology to introduce the semiconductor industry’s first complete system to enable high volume heterogeneous integration of ultra-thin dies onto up to 300mm base wafers.

X-Celeprint’s MTP process stacks ultra-thin dies known as ‘x-chips’, which can be extremely varied1并使用非常不同的流程节点和技术进行2,创建几乎单片3D IC,可提高各种应用程序的电源,性能,面积,成本,时间和安全性,包括高性能计算,通信,移动,汽车,工业,医疗或防御系统。

ASM AMICRA has been perfecting ultra-high precision placement technology for almost 20 years, and has now incorporated X-Celeprint’s MTP technology into three different manufacturing systems. These are:

    • • The Nova+ MTP system, which serves high throughput needs with a fully automatic ISO 4 clean room class system using a 50x50mm MTP stamp enabling massively parallel
    • pick-and-place of x-chips. Placement accuracy is +/- 1.5-microns with a 40-second cycle time.
    • •纳米MTP系统,用于提供需要更精确的放置精度的光子(Plus-Or-minus 0.3微米)的市场。
    • • The AFC+ MTP system, which serves R&D and low volume manufacturing markets. Placement accuracy is plus-or-minus 1.0-microns with a 50-second cycle time.

X-Celeprint和ASM AMICRA通过开发支持促进了MTP技术,包括在优化设计和流程和原型服务方面的帮助,包括设计咨询,以确保成功的产品发布。提供广泛的供应商,制造商和研究人员网络,可以支持客户项目需求,包括许可计划。

“本协议与X-Celepresprespress为Photonics和3D异构整合带来了革命性的技术,”Asm AmiCra Microtechnologies GmbH董事总经理JohannWeinhändler博士说。“MTP技术提供高度的大量超薄,脆性模具阵列的高卷,以及集成来自几个不同来源晶片的模具的能力。MTP技术将为半导体制造商提供具有常规和先进的包装技术的工具箱中具有关键的额外的“工具”的批判性额外的“工具”。

“The ultra-high precision capabilities of ASM AMICRA’s MTP manufacturing systems for heterogeneous integration of large arrays of ultra-thin x-chips has the potential to be a game-changer for semiconductor manufacturers seeking to extend Moore’s Law with 3D IC heterogeneous integration,” said Kyle Benkendorfer, X-Celeprint’s CEO. “Enabling chip designers to combine the optimum materials and different process technologies in 3D ICs results in more powerful devices, with higher density, increased functionality, lower cost, higher yield, and faster time to market.”

2These processes include SOI, GaN, GaAs, InP and SiGe, among others.

关于ASM AmiCR.
ASM AmiCra MicroTechnologies GmbHis a worldwide leading supplier for ultra-high precision die attach systems. The AMICRA systems specialize in submicron placement accuracy to ±0.3μm@3s for the photonics and semiconductor market. The systems also support die attach, flip chip, eutectic, epoxy, and X-Celeprint’s Micro Transfer Printing (MTP) processes. Markets served include silicon photonics, optoelectronics, active optical cable (AOC), VCSELs, laser diodes, 2.5D/3D ICs, wafer level packaging (WLP), large panel fan-out/embedded wafer level packaging (EWLP), and automotive sensors/LiDAR. Headquartered in Regensburg, Germany, ASM AMICRA has worldwide sales and support locations.

ASM AMICRA is a subsidiary ofASM Pacific Technology Limited(香港交易所股票代码:0522),是制造总部位于新加坡的半导体和电子产品的硬件和软件解决方案的全球领先的全球供应商。

X-Celeprint许可证MTP技术,包括超过300个全球专利和189个待处理的应用程序,以支持在采用MTP时的半导体制造商。X-Celebrint共同定位Micro.,信任/ ITAR-compliant 200毫米晶圆片fab with extensive heterogeneous capabilities, in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and廷德尔国家研究所in Cork, Ireland. Both facilities have MTP technology in their R&D advanced packaging lines for supporting customers with rapid prototyping. X-Celeprint has research partnerships with academic centers, including the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and the University of Ghent / imec.


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